Free markets, individual liberty and open societies
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Dr. Nima Sanandaji is a Swedish author of Kurdish origin, who has previously written two books and numerous papers on women’s career progress and entrepreneurship. He is the president of the European Centre for Entrepreneurship and Policy Reform (ECEPR) and also associated researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies and the Centre for the Market Reform of Education. His previous writings, such as Scandinavian Unexceptionalism, Renaissance for Reforms and SuperEntrepreneurs have been cited by international media and translated to various languages.

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Nordic societies seem to have it all: a historic tradition of women’s entrepreneurship. It therefore comes as a surprise that Nordic countries, in one international ranking after another, are shown to have few women among top-managers and business owners.

In The Nordic Gender Equality Paradox, Dr. Nima Sanandaji shows that the apparent paradox has a simple answer: Nordic welfare states are – unintentionally – holding women back.


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Free markets, individual liberty and open societies